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A dynamic character actor with sharp improvisational skills, a knack for comedy, and three years of professional acting training in NYC. I have acted in several feature films, including the Hoboken International Film Festival winner “Inner City Rats,” national and international commercials, a national theater tour, and an award winning web series. I am

co-writing and co-directing a web series called “Clowns," which won the audience choice for best web series at the Newark Short Film Awards Fall 2019 Festival, and I perform live comedy improv each month in NYC. I currently am non-union, SAG eligible.


My roles tend toward the charismatic, off-beat rebel/outcast types, usually lovable, often goofy, sometimes unhinged, and occasionally frightening. My favorite role to date was Mercutio, from Romeo & Juliet. A dream role of mine would be the Joker. 


I grew up a homeschooled Tennessee boy, building forts in dried creek beds and filming goofy one-man skits, in between bouts of reading fantasy novels, war stories, and Green Beret training procedures. I reluctantly turned down an ROTC scholarship and moved to NYC with the intent to play Rambo - and found out I was Shaggy instead. 


I have years of experience in competitive horseback riding, boxing and various Martial Art disciplines, where I achieved the rank of black belt in Taekwondo, along with lesser belts in Hapkido and Judo. My martial arts background has given me a penchant for stage combat. I studied with Brad Lemons, who regularly choreographs fights for Broadway and feature films. I also have extensive experience handling firearms.


My list of favorite things includes the show Whose Line is it Anyway?, the Iliad, the color red, the number zero, dragons, and Jackie Chan movies. 


In addition to creating online content, I am a working on a scifi novel (and trying to learn science for it, which is hard). For relaxation, I enjoy making up song parodies, studying WW1, learning magic tricks, and playing D&D. It’s my goal to earn my skydiving, SCUBA and pilot’s licenses in the future. I am a Christian, a brother-in-law, and the proud uncle to three beautiful nieces.

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